Kevin M.

I want to thank my very good friend Sylvia Grossman at Younger Body MediSpa for making such an amazing difference to my eyes. Sylvia takes her time with every treatment! She is passionate about what she does and is determined to make a huge difference with how people look, which results with people feeling better about themselves. Sylvia with her Venus Freeze has got out the dark puffiness from under my eyes and for that I will always be grateful. I now feel better about pictures and i’m not so self conscious about how I look. Thank you so much Sylvia 🙂

Vernah F.

How did I get so lucky? When searching around for a treatment that I would find not only an incredibly talented facials, but a wonderful friend too!It has been a joy and a blast to see you every week. I love our kind generous and feisty spirit. Your concern for your clients is so evident n everything you say and do. You are a beautiful lady inside and out!

Sue T.

This is the most amazing technology, but, more importantly, Sylvia has a skill, dedication and passion unlike anything I’ve encountered in the world of anti-aging. There are so many unfulfilled promises made, but with Sylvia, they actually happen. Even though my series is incomplete, after just 4 sessions I can see a noticeable improvement.

Darcey H.

Hello anyone out there thinking about the Venus Freeze…. . at least e remarkable. My 11’s, as we call them, on my forehead are disappearing. My neck and chin have tightened and my belly is looking more toned. I have people saying to me everyday. “You look amazing!What are you doing?There is something different about you. ”I’m telling you this treatment works…. it’s amazing…. not to mention it’s so relaxing to me, my downtime. Thank you Sylvia absolutely so glad I decided to do the treatments.

Jan B.

After my 8th treatment, I’m wearing eye make up and a little blush. My skin is glowing & youthful. Thank you so much Sylvia for your special care & attention. Loving it. Highly recommend.

Jan B.

After my 8th treatment, I’m wearing eye make up and a little blush. My skin is glowing & youthful. Thank you so much Sylvia for your special care & attention. Loving it. Highly recommend.

Michelle P.

I had my first treatment yesterday at Younger Body MediSpa and all I can say is the results after just one visit are incredible!!I keep looking in the mirror and smiling. Sylvia is awesome. Thank you for making me feel and look like a million after just one treatment.

David W.

Feels like a Spa treatment. I could not believe the instant results, they were amazing.

Olivera C.

No one in this industry exceeds Sylvia in her quality of customer service, professionalism and the results she provides.

Steve W.

Not an ounce of pain or discomfort. I can’t wait to go back for more treatments

Gusha C.

I’m half way thru my Venus Freeze treatments and the results have been amazing. I can’t express my gratitude enough. I ’m always looking forward to our visits because with each visit, I’m getting tighter and tighter. For the first time in a long time, I can’t wait to wear my bikini. I too am taking advantage of the eye treatments. Just after my first treatment, I was stopped and asked if I was having work done on my eyes because I am looking fab. Just imagine after the full treatment!! How do you beat fab? (lol) Thanks soooo much Sylvia Grossman, and see you soon.

Cindy B.

Sylvia, you make me feel like a queen every time I’m in your chair. After 5 treatments your service only gets better. I love the time we spend together. The new eye treatment I’m also doing makes me look incredible and looks like I’ve sleep for years. So excited and can’t wait to walk the beach with my tighter body. Thank you so much Sylvia for always making me feel so pampered. I hope everyone takes advantage of your incredible Venus Freeze treatments. I’m so excited to see the before and after photos when I’m all done. Thank you so much Sylvia. See you next week.

Teena M.

Nobody messes with my Sylvia Zen Time…. professional, straightforward, and results driven. Not satisfied until the client is pleased…not a quality that is easily found in this era. Wish you much success!

Wendy V.

I’m a holistic health practitioner, so it reassured me to hear that Venus Freeze is a natural, relaxing, pain-free experience that works with your body, and that the machine is a government-approved medical device to contour your body. My skepticism went away entirely on the day I was forced to wear an old two-piece bathing suit in my Aqua-Fit class. I put it on and was surprised to see how good I looked.   My stomach was flatter and the skin smoother than I’ve seen it in years!  I never thought I could feel comfortable in a two piece ever again, but I’ve worn that suit in public several times since that day!  I feel like I’ve achieved the impossible – to wear a two piece bathing suit and feel proud of how I look in it – just a few months before I turn 55!  Venus Freeze and Sylvia have taken me to the next level physically and with my self-confidence.   Sylvia’s caring, her integrity, her honesty, her belief in my ultimate success, and her expert application of the Venus Freeze treatments have turned me into a true believer!  Woo hoo!  My husband and I both thank you Sylvia!!  You and Venus Freeze totally rock!

Michele M.

As a customer for a couple of months now, I would highly recommend you try this service. The results you expect, will be the results you see. I have two areas of my body treated, neck and Décolletage (chest). If I look at the change in my neck, people have asked if I lost weight (isn’t that physically impossible over the holidays). Not only that but it has a smoother younger look. My Décolletage, again, a smoother younger look. My chest has been a concern for me as I spent 10 years in the south, sun and fun but see the damage. It was such a good “find ” for me to learn of the capabilities of this product. I also want to compliment Sylvia. We didn’t know each other prior to starting my treatment, thank goodness for me I attended her open house. She is caring, professional and makes each visit a luxury spa experience.