SCT Therapy Accelerator


Venus Skin SCT Accelerator is formulated to enhance and complement SCT Serum, providing nearly a dozen additional scientifically proven actives, which when combined SCT Serum creates the most complete skincare system available anywhere. Whereas SCT Serum is an aqueous (water borne) formulation, necessary since stem cell-derived bio-signals are produced in a predominantly aqueous culture medium, SCT Accelerator is a lipid predominant formula. Because the active ingredients are lipophilic (fat loving), they have enhanced penetration through the stratum corneum, in addition to “sealing in” the actives in SCT Serum. SCT Serum and Accelerator combine as a complete anti-aging and rejuvenating skincare regimen second to none. Like SCT Serum, the actives in SCT Accelerator have abundant peer-reviewed published studies confirming their benefit to protecting young skin from aging and restoring aged skin to a more youthful like state.


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